Your group is sure to have plenty of fun activity each and every day. Your all-inclusive luxury crewed charter includes activities and watersports including:

  • Watersports
  • Beach games
  • Drive an underwater sea scooter
  • Dive for lobster
  • Scout for dolphins 
  • Scuba Diving (must be certified)
  • Swim with pigs at Pig Beach
  • Swim with friendly nurse sharks
  • Swim with sea turtles & stingrays
  • Walk with hundreds of Rock Iguanas on Iguana Beach
  • Explore Thunderball Grotto cave
  • Hike and snorkel many deserted islands
  • Snorkel the famous Pablo Escobar sunken drug plane
  • Snorkel Exuma Cays Land & Sea National Park
  • World class fishing & spear fishing
  • Relax at a powdery, white beach or deserted cove

Something for everyone


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