Because the availability of provisions is much less than in the U.S., we have to be creative and use as many local brands and ingredients as possible. It’s an adventure, right? Storage and freezer/refrigerator space is also an issue. The key is planning. 

If anyone in your group has dietary restrictions, (diabetics, keto/low carb for example), we need to know that and also your likes and dislikes. Would you prefer light breakfasts—cereal or yogurt—rather then pancakes, French toast, or egg burritos? The bottom line is that food is one of those very personal and subjective choices, and we will take that into account in arriving at a menu that will serve your group.

One thing to bear in mind, Betsy will prepare your week’s menu taking everyone’s preferences into account keeping everyone with the same meals when possible. Although we are extremely accommodating, it is not possible to make six separate meals at mealtimes though.


In some remote locations you may have the opportunity to eat ashore. Just know that any meals ashore are not included in the cost of the vacation. You are responsible for that. It really is quite fine to dine out or not, it’s your vacation and your choice.

We have a full bar available and that is included in the price. But, if anyone in your group wants a particular cocktail, wine or spirits, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate and provide an upgrade price if necessary. Keep in mind though that not all brands are available. In that scenario, we will suggest some alternative brands. 


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