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Why Not Work “Reboatly”?

Both the captain and first mate our former corporate geeks. We get it. You can work from anywhere so why not work from “anywhere”? The problem is you need internet. We got you. While many of the islands do have some sort of wifi, there are places in the Exumas where the wifi is subpar. In the Exuma Park, you are 100% off the grid. In that case, we have two options:  we can modify the schedule/course to enable internet when you need it AND we have a commercial modem with an amplifier on the top of the boat which amplifies any wifi we can see by 10 times. So, one bar on your phone = 3 bars on our yacht. Now, you’re not going to be streaming video, etc on it, but it will work if you play it right. When that is not available, we have cellular, however extra charges may apply and you definitely don’t want to be doing video here. We also have old school…

  • Video conference area (Zoom, facetime, etc)
  • Workstation available with laptop, printer, fax
  • Each stateroom is hard wired for wifi
  • Drone w/Camera
  • GoPro Camera
  • Media server with 2,000+ movies
  • TVs in every room and the salon


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