Big Major Cay – Pig Beach

Big Major Cay – Pig Beach is a popular destination with great photo opportunities. Whenever a boat arrives, these pigs will swim out to you and expect you to feed them. Even though pigs can’t fly, it’s still possible to go swimming with pigs in the Caribbean. The original Swimming Pig Beach in the Bahamas is found on the island of Big Major Cay, affectionately called “Pig” Major Cay by some. The island is uninhabited by humans and governed solely by its pig residents. While it’s not precisely clear how or when the pigs first took up residence on this island paradise, locals have settled on a few theories.

Big Major is where you’ll find Emily, a pig that has welcomed cruisers for years. Join your yacht’s crew in the tender as you approach the shore and Emily wades out to meet you—and be ready with carrot and celery sticks for when she hungrily places her front feet on your tender’s side.

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