Ship’s Bar

Below is an example, not all brands are always available. We reserve the right to substitute when needed. Please let us know any special requests.



Canned: Kalik, Kalik Light, Sands, Sands Light



Merlot: Barefoot, Liderman’s Bin 40,  Cavit

Chardonnay:  Frontera, Cavit, Liderman’s Bin 65, Sutterhome, Wente

Pinot Noir: Liderman’s Bin 99, Sutter Home

Pinot Grigio: Barefoot, Sutter Home, Woodbridge

Sauvignon blanc: Liderman’s Bin 95, Wente



Gin:  Hendricks

Rum: Bacardi Light, Ricardo Dark

Vodka: Tito’s

Tequila: Jose Cuervo

Whiskey: Jack Daniels

Scotch: Dewars


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