Hawksbill Cay

hawksbill cay exumas bahamas charterHawksbill Cay in an uninhabited cay and part of the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty. This is for those who want quiet nature and wildlife. There are no support facilities or services available in the at Hawksbill Cay other than moorings. It has moorings, trails, beaches and snorkeling areas. No fishing is allowed.

One of the best preserved loyalist ruins in the Bahamas is on Hawksbill Cay, which belonged to the Russel Family from 1785- 1830. It is amazing how nature has taken over and that only a couple of walls remain of the remnants of the 10 houses and numerous outbuildings of this historic site.

At low tide, there is a magnificent soft sand bar stretching across the end of the cay. It is possible to walk from the north end across the sand bar to the east side of the island.

It is said that the beach on the banks side is amazing but across the island on the ocean side, is the most beautiful, desolate beach of the entire region.


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