How to Filet a Lobster

It’s Lobstah Time

Preparing Spiny Lobster for Cooking

Usually when cooking large lobster tails the outer part is overdone and tough, the middle undercooked. Removing the lobster meat from the shell and cutting the skin off makes it taste so much better. The skin is the lobsters next shell and can be tough depending on how soon it is going to shed its old shell. After skinning you are left with the pure white lobster meat.

One of the best parts about lobstering is eating them after you catch them. To do that, you need to know how to clean a lobster. Here are six easy steps to prepare a lobster.

  • Step 1: Grab your gloves and place the lobster on it’s tummy
  • Step 2: Cut around each side of the top of the tail to separate the tail muscle from the head meat
  • Step 3: Remove the Tail from the Body
  • Step 4: Break Off the Lobster’s Antenna
  • Step 5: Put the large end of the antenna inside the lobster’s butthole (not kidding).
  • Step 6: Carefully remove the antenna and the whole intestines will come out with it so you can throw that away.