Our Crew

Tom Moquin


Tom’s love of the water started at an early age. He is a seasoned sailor and knows the Bahamas well, especially the less touristy areas, uninhabited islands, anchorages with the best benefits, and the secret places where the lobsters hide out. Tom loves to have fun and adventure, but the safety of his guests and yacht is his number one concern.With Tom at the helm, you are sure to have the trip of a lifetime. 

Nicole Alton

First Mate

A positive, adaptable, service oriented Canadian who loves nomadic life, Nicole loves yachting and is learning all the facets it has to offer. She also has vast experience in the hospitality industry including mixology, culinary, and event planning. She is an active scuba diver and loves to show water sports and the aquatic life to charter guests. She is a positive, friendly, high energy host and is great with children.

Betsy Moquin

Chef and Hostess

Betsy is our chef, hostess, and travel agent specializing in 5 star service. She is a service-minded hostess catering to the needs of all guests with pleasure. With Betsy on board, your trip will be uncomplicated, effortless and, above all, extraordinary. She will create your perfect vacation where attention to detail, the highest level of service and exceptional value, will help you to create memories that last forever.

Henry Ford

First Meet

The cutest dog in the Exumas, Henry will be your first meet as he loves to greet every new guest with the wag of a tail. He loves to snuggle but also works as security alerting us when strangers approach. But don’t worry, he doesn’t bark much. Mostly he just smiles and loves on everyone. If you are not a dog person, this charter may not be for you. Better yet, bring your own pup. We’ll help you with the paperwork. Paws Ahoy.


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